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In the vibrant heart of Lisbon, I find stories waiting to be told. For me, photography isn't just about taking pictures; it's about freezing genuine moments and emotions in time. Each snapshot tells a story, revealing the love, laughter, and little in-between moments that make relationships so special.

The raw emotions, the unspoken promises, and the secret glances; capturing these are what fuel my soul. I've always had an affinity for telling stories through images. Every couple brings a unique dynamic, and it's an absolute thrill to capture that essence.

My approach combines spontaneity with a touch of classic romance. It's essential to me that the photographs feel authentic, showcasing the real emotions and connections between couples. While I harbor a deep passion for the art of photography, my true reward lies in preserving moments that couples can cherish for a lifetime.

Step into the world of passion and craft! Every click, every frame, isn't just a mere photo—it's a tale of love spun in the golden lights of Lisbon.

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What you get when you hire me to photograph your time in Portugal

Portugal Through My Eyes

Since 2018, I’ve taken countless couples on photographic adventures across Lisbon and the rest of Portugal. From the serene beaches to the bustling city and tranquil parks, let me guide you to those hidden gems that will make your photos truly shine. We’ll dive deep into the locale, laugh out loud, and leave with a collection of memories.

Camera shy? no more!

Did you know? A whopping 99% of my clients felt the same. But with me by your side, I'll help unveil that candid spark. No need for research, no need for practice - just bring your love, and I'll capture the magic!

Exceptional Quality – Always!

Every shot deserves perfection. And that’s why I come equipped with top-tier gear and always carry backups. From Instagram to grand photo frames on your walls, every picture will radiate excellence.

My Signature Touch

Editing for me isn't just a task—it's a canvas where love meets art. Each photo receives an individual touch, making it as unique as the story it tells.

Your Exclusive Gallery

A moment this special deserves an exclusive showcase. Receive your photos on a personalized, elegant website. It's yours to relish, download, and share with your close ones. And remember, it's just for your eyes and those you choose.

Are you ready to embark on this enchanting journey? Let’s create magic together!

Let's Capture Your Magical Moments!

Ready for a photoshoot? From the lively streets of Lisbon to the beaches of Sintra, let's capture your time in Portugal. Get in touch today to create lasting memories.